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For a man it isn’t easy to know exactly what to look for when you want to buy a gift for your woman. The G Street is obviously a men’s fashion shopping portal but we are a host to your needs as well and we want to serve you in every thinkable ways.

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Checked shirts never quite go out of fashion. While the market gives you a lot of options in styles and designs and the choices in turn can baffle you on which to select. However, you just need to follow some simple rules while buying them so that you can wear the shirt and feel stylish even when the season repeats the coming year.

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Guess you can never tell how many pairs of shoe a woman should own, however the case is simpler if you are a men. The only thing you should be aware is that your wardrobe should house the best type of footwear that will make the rounds for every occasion.

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They slip in with ease and are fairly comfortable to wear, especially on days when humidity in the air starts soaring up. Loafers have been a classic casual footwear for men since the beginning of men’s fashion.

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Gifting woman can be very challenging for a man as you can never guess what goes on in that multi-tasking mind of ours.

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