Mix and Match: The Current Fashion Trend

Do you feel suffocated in your wardrobe choices? We all do at some point.

This is happening because we have chained ourselves in following a routine pattern of dressing up in the same kinds of outfit, over and over again. It could either have to do with you being stuck in the same shades of color, or brand or style.

The best dressed people are those who know how to perfectly match even the most unusual of outfits together. Fashion is a lot about taking risk, to be on the edge. Some ideas will work and some won’t. But, from all those that worked-out well, you will get to know what exactly are the type of wardrobe choices you should make.

Don’t Stay Trapped

We have a habit of going back on wearing the same match up outfits that, “once upon a time” was high on the fashion trend. Subconsciously we know that it would be way better to wear something different but we somehow end up in a one-way pattern.

Time and again we are trapped in our comfort zone because it feels so much safer than to dive into some unfamiliar zone. We know that we should get out of it! But how…?

The best way out of this continual trait is to start organizing your wardrobe and place up your clothing in categories. Then shop for stylish fashion trend that you would not normally wear. This is important because shopping for versatility will surprise you on the numerous choices that you can come up with.

Doing the Mix-Match Move

The rave we see today about mix and match fashion trend is because this is something that is easy to learn and it is not necessarily expensive. The trick in it is to make the perfect blend of contrasting outfits work in your favor. Once you start acquiring the ability to make perfect matches to any outfits then you will have numerous choices.

Mix and match are big in the fashion scene now. Everyone is doing it, from trend setters to fashion fanatics, we have all plunged into it.

Especially while on the road, packing minimal with purpose is very important to eliminate the fuss of heavy luggage. Packing smartly will open up the options of clothing that will give you a variety of great looks.

Even when we have a limited budget on mind following this new acquired ability of mix and match shopping can take us a long way. There is no rule on how to be an expert in dressing well, because our personality is a mirror of what we wear. The only rule is to know that if you feel confident about a new style then look at the multiple choices and pick the one that boosts up your best features.



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