What Color of Clothing Looks Best on You

There are certain shades of color that have an unexpected effect on the way we look. I am pretty sure we have all had that moment in our lives when we tried on a color we have never tried before. And in that moment we might have discovered that the color suits us perfectly, leaving us wondering why we never thought of that.

Okay so here is the thing, many of us identify colors as red, blue, green, yellow, orange and such. But we also know that, those basic colors are not the only ones.

We have all been in that situation where we may have tried something in blue and it looked great on us. However, the next time we tried on blue colored clothing it was not as complimenting as the first time. This is because colors have different shades and how well it matches us is largely dependent on the tone of our skin.

The term cool undertone and warm undertone is largely used in the fashion and beauty industry to describe a person’s skin color. So how do you determine the tone of your skin properly to get a grasp of what colors will suit you?

The surface tone is the color of your skin such as dark, tan, pale and such while the under tone is the color underneath our surface tone.

If you have a cool under tone the color of your vein will most probably be blue and when exposed to sun it will turn pink. In case of warm under tone the veins will be green and the sun’s exposure will turn your skin brown.

Clothing colors for cool under tones

 Image: Steel grey shirt with black detailing (The G Street)

The color of clothes that will be best suited for you are silver, platinum, bright white, black hues, blue, green, pink, purple, blue-greens, and magentas

Clothing colors for warm undertone           

Image: Off-white shirt with light-blue detailing (The G Street)

Go for colors such as gold, ivory, off-whites, brown/tan shades, yellow, orange, yellow-greens, and warm reds

Regardless of what design you wear it is very important to know which colors will compliment your skin and thereby bring out your best features.


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