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After a couple of successful run at the Delhi exhibition at DLF Mall Saket, New Delhi The G Street is going “all men” with its brand. The Delhi exhibition proved that the line of shirts for men introduced at the stall was an eye-catcher.

Anyone can look at the quality of the fabric and the stitches to know the good brands from those not so good ones. Shirts were an after-thought, and men in general never really gave much thought while buying shirts. Our taste in quality has suddenly risen up and interest in the finest of things has been reformed.

The point that The G Street has carefully emphasized whilst manufacturing these shirts was to; ‘create a style commanding shirt such that the purchaser will be comfortable wearing and that the shirt moves with you’.

Men do have the habit of wearing shirts to work, casual outings and such. As a result, the feel of smooth fibers against your skin is much more delightful to experience throughout the day. Quality is important but style and the level of comfort adds a better combination.



A key note while buying printed shirts:
The market is flocked with printed shirts this season. So, in order to know the quality of the shirt - check out the prints and see if the designs are printed-on or woven into the fabric. This test is to show you an example of what higher quality fabrics should be. The woven-in designs are more likely to be of higher quality. This is because the yarns have been dyed before the weaving and the manufacturing process is more complex as well. The shirts with woven designs are also richer in quality, more textured and durable.

Wearing the right shirt can also alter your attitude in a big way. You do not have to possess the perfect, toned-up body to look great in a shirt. Boost your prowess by refining your choices on fit, because nothing defines a well-dressed man better than wearing the perfect fit.

Another exciting offer! With the arrival of the festive season, The G Street has gone all the way by introducing a one-time offer of Pack of 4 Shirts. Check out for this offer.

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  • Shahul

    Awesome collections.. Waiting for more variety stuffs including Jeans and fashion accessories. Keep up the good work in maintaining a unique style for gents wardrobes.

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