The Right Way to Wear your Air Force Formal Shoes

Fashion is a constant thing. From the styles of clothing to the demands of fashion savvies it keeps evolving. Even the fashion veterans can be overwhelmed with the choice of style to wear when the ongoing trend keeps changing.

For men, it is the shoe that really makes the first impression in most environments. Be it a business meeting or a formal attendance, your shoes need to be impressive. Of course people can begin to see the person you are, later on. But your first impression gets imprinted in the other person’s mind.

In fact in business the shoes you wear are equally important as the suits.

The less fashion conscious men must be thinking that you would never have to face this issue. But someday even the average Joe’s will need to wear a suit or formals for something or the other.

Wearing the Right Business Shoe

Image source: The G Street

The number one thing you have to follow while wearing shoes with suits is: Always wear one that is made of quality leather.

Even if you can’t invest in a good leather shoe, there are a lot of well made faux leather shoes. Cap toe oxford shoes like an Air Force Black Formal Shoe will make a good choice to wear with your tailored suits. Brown leather formals can add versatility to your wardrobe as you can blend brown leather shoes with a lot of outfits.


When you own a collection of good shoes it is better that you take really good care of them. Without care the leathers tend to lose its original texture and wear away.

Store your shoes in shoe racks that have separate boxes for storing each pairs. Remember to polish them regularly and instead of slipping your foot directly-in, use a shoe horn.

The quality of your shoes speaks volumes about your image so make sure that it sends out good ones. And always go for quality rather than style.


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