Tees and Printed T shirts: from Undergarment to Functional, Everyday-Wear

We really do love our summer tees. The soft feel of the cotton on our skin and the gentle rub of the light fibers are all too hard to resist. Who doesn’t love wearing tees? It is probably the most comfortable clothing there is.

Tees are cool to wear, however you have to know how to buy the right kind. You can find awesome T-shirts if you know where to look.  

With shopping getting easier through the internet, online T shirts shopping is very popular among men. The numerous online T shirts for men can be very confusing at times as the greater the choices, bigger does our confusion get.

If you are looking for T-shirts that are versatile then always follow the ‘color-rule’. The process is; select the colors that are classic or timeless.

The Classic Black, White, Navy and Grey

To achieve a wardrobe with timeless style you need to have these basic shades of T-shirts.


Once considered as an undergarment, the white tee is one of the favorite classics. Pair it up with a blue jean and you can pull that evergreen 1950s bad-boy look.


Grey shirts can have a significant effect on your body shape in a good way. It will contour your physic in a flattering way. If you are opting for a printed one then go as per the occasion.  


Black is a good choice to wear in the evening. You can layer it up with a cool jacket and a nice pair of indigo jeans and the look is a perfect killer.


Of all the colored T-shirts out there, the color navy is one of the most versatile. Although mostly suitable for a night out, however its functionality is not solely limited for the night. You can pair it up with a neutral colored jacket for a day-wear.

Okay let’s face it! The T-shirt is a garment to be reckoned. Something that took its initiation as an undergarment later went on and developed into a practical, everyday wear. Now, T-shirts have become a definition of our wardrobe essentials.



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