How to Wear your White Cotton Shirts

This is the first thing you wear underneath your suits and it is something that makes a big difference on your overall appearance. White shirts are a favorite amongst the formal dress shirts as it is versatile and blends perfectly with anything. Whether it is the intense board room environment or a weekend picnic in the park with friends, a white shirt is somewhat vital if you want to look dashing, effortlessly.

The point of getting ready in your best before you leave the house is to look confident and poised. When all the tiny components are brought together conspicuously then it will create that perfect outfit for you. As men you will know what I am talking about when I say that putting on a clean, perfectly fitted shirt makes the day so much better. It boosts your confidence as we do feel better when our outfits look well put.

Many men play safe with dress shirts, often opting for regular fit. But all the elements that make up a single shirt have their role to play when it comes to making a man look ‘a hunk in suit’.

You can buy your formal shirts in the local mall or go to a high street fashion store; the only thing that applies here is to find the perfect fit. When you know the principles that are applied in buying the perfect dress shirt then you will end up with an amazing, indispensable collection.

Buying Rules

A lot of guys buy their shirt in small, medium, large and so on which is the reason why you do not look good in even the latest designs. You need to know your body measurements perfectly to avoid looking clumsy. A man in clumsy fitted shirt is the worst fashion mistake to make.

Image: The One-Finger Rule


Image: White Shirt with Mickey Collar

When you check the measurement of the collar, wear the shirt and see that one of your fingers fit in between the collar and your neck, anything else would mean it’s too tight or loose. The torso of the shirt should be such that excess fabrics do not bulge out from any side. Your shirt should fit you in a way that allows you to move freely but with certain measures of restriction. As for the length of the sleeves, the cuffs of the sleeve should past just right below your wrist.

 Even the simplest white cotton shirt looks amazing when it is of the right fit for your body. The best part is, they work wonderfully well with any colored suits, denims or even a pair of tailored khaki shorts.  


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