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Military fashion is big in the fashion scene now. From the runways of Paris to the busy streets of New Delhi, it is making a splash.

Military inspired design has penetrated every nooks and corners of our closet this season. Of course you can stick with your boring regulars but don’t you want something fresh this time around? There is no way that you will go wrong with military fashion that is… unless you overdo it.

It all began during the World War II when everything was scarce and hardship was evident. The government even started supplying military trench coats to the common civilians who wore it as an everyday outer wear.

Then later on during the 60s and the 70s when youths were protesting the government’s influx on the people, these young protestors wore camouflage and army uniforms as a symbol of detest for the government.

The thing that started as an epitome of protest went on to become one of the biggest trends in fashion.

The Association of Military Fashion with The G Street

Image: Military bag and Boots

 Military style is something that is very close to the heart for The G Street because of the fact that the CEO (Neerav Adam Verma) had spend most of his childhood in military bases. Being the son of an Air Force Officer, he was brought up amidst air force bases and army clubs. Apart from that, he even completed his schooling from The Air Force School which inculcated the military values in him. Mr. Verma continues that, “Men look the best in uniform”.

The military line of clothing in The G Street is very trendy and stylish as the collection in the site had been carefully selected from thousands. The collection comprises of military boots that have been designed to withstand the most treacherous to fashionable military shirts and jackets and much more.

Reading through this blog you will realize that military style is not just fashion but it is more than that. It tells a story, a tale that highlighted its trend among us and it continues to inspire the other person.

Military style is a trend that keeps coming back in the scene with a little change here and there. The reason for its popularity for one is that, it is very functional while on the other hand it makes any man look tough. Who ever knew that a symbol of protest can leave such a big mark in the history of fashion.


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