Shirting-It the Right Way with The G Street

We have seen a growing number of new styles entering the market. Men’s fashion has seen a steady flow of fresh trends but those steady few have been making instantaneous statements to your wardrobe.

The Popular Fashion

The dress shirt has entered into a whole new, diverse realm in men’s fashion. The shirt once considered as boring and monotonous in style has broken barriers. New designs are springing up in the fashion scene today. The popular designs this summer are the solid dress shirts with colored lining and check shirts. Both styles are a favorite among the urban men because of their versatility. 

The G Street at your Service

The growing demands of smart and trendy clothes by the modern, fashion conscious man has been a motivating factor behind The G Street’s latest collections of men’s shirts. You don’t have to dig your pockets to dress well. The art of dressing up is an acquired skill that anyone with the right guidance can master.

Blend your checks

Image:  London Check Shade Shirt C (

Pairing with checked shirts can be a fashion nightmare if you do not know how to blend it to perfection. The shirts are already multicolored so stick with bottoms that are neutral in color.

A beige, slim fitted pant with your London Check Shade Shirt B would make those eyes on you pop!

Choosing your Solids

Image: Dark Orange Shirt with Navy Blue Cuffs (

Solid dress shirts do not necessarily have to be tagged in the “boring” category when you know what colors and styles work well for you. The G Street’s collection comprises of contrasting colored linings that rescues even those lame colors by turning them into fashion ‘should-haves’. You can never have enough of this shirt style as they can transform your look from corporate to clubbing in a split second, with a little altering.

Gear up your Wardrobe

This summer don’t simply stick to what you wore last year. Freshen-up your wardrobe with a smart, cool collection of dress shirts from The G Street. The multiple choices of colors from the collection give equal opportunity for every man to dress fashionably. Add a kick to your outfits this summer and never have a badly-dressed-day! It’s all about revamping your closet with colors, patterns and prints.


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