Stay Tuned this Season, The G Street has many to Offer

The weather in summers can be treacherous, more so in places like Delhi. It’s a torture stepping out in this scorching heat wearing your usual. Don’t you just wish that it was okay to be naked and just strip to your birthday suit in order to escape suffocating in the fabrics we have to wear?

Come summer time and we end up having fashion dilemmas because it’s just too damn hot to wear anything other than the lightest cotton fabrics.

Yes! The G Street team understands it all; the fact that current climatic conditions seriously determine our wardrobe senses. With this in mind, we introduce to you The G Street line of short kurtas for men.

Do you wana be a trend follower or a fashion disciple?

Only once you start experimenting with your wardrobe choices you will be able to know what style works best in your favor. The world of fashion is an exciting place and we want to make it more exciting for our dearest followers. The upcoming short kurtas for men will be the answer to all your summer fashion havocs.

Create the Perfect Look with short kurtas

Unlike the typically long length kurtas out there, short kurtas are fairly shorter in length along the hem line. This factor makes it look like a shirt that you can wear to work or for casual outings. The long sleeved ones can be rolled up to achieve that cool, laid back look. Try new colors that are summer friendly. Best stay away from black colors if you are going to be outdoors.

What you can do is, pair up your fresh cotton kurtas with jeans and you can create that fresh summer look. Depending on the style and color you can separate your formals, semi formals and cool casuals and wear them accordingly.

Coming soon…

Do you want to hear a good news? You don’t have to strain your bank accounts to re-establish your wardrobe, because the new and trendy short kurtas are priced at just Rupees 799/-

Brace your seats this summer because The G Street is adding a whole line of short kurtas in multiple colors for every man. The new line of these kurtas will comprise mostly of cotton, linen and khadi… the perfect fabrics to fight the hot summer days.


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