Bringing Short Kurtas in the Scene

Image: The G Street Short Kurta Collection (SS15)

Summer is here and I know most of our time is spend in front of the closets, wondering what to wear. Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, fashion is something that appeals any individual's senses and we always intend to follow it somehow. This is the reason for our morning rituals of meditation, facing the closets.

But can you dress just anyway and expect a comfortable outfit out of the ensemble you put up?

Ugh! Imagine the fabric of your shirt sticking on to the body and getting the feeling that someone is trying to strangle you. No one wants that.


Image: Orange Short Kurta (The G Street) 

Summer wardrobe is all about color, texture and fabric because these are the elements that determine the comfort level of wearing that outfit.

The G Street has a whole new collection of short kurtas for the modern, fashionable men who aren't caught up in the monotonous wardrobe “dull-dom”. Come on, guys there are more colors than your regular black, white and blue.

  Image: Hot Pink Short Kurta with Vertical Lines (The G Street)

Your choices are limitless so it is not necessary that you stick to the old tried-out colors. Summer fashion is about being bright and fresh. Explore the realms of possibility that can be achieved without sacrificing on comfort.

The G Street's line of short kurtas is the savior to every man's worst summer woes of sweats and discomfort. The color choices are abundant, differentiating from the lighter shades to the heavier ones. Give away or burn those thick fabric shirts you wore last summer because this year is gonna be a fresh start. The start of identifying and appreciating the finer things in life.  


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