Redefining 2015 Summer Outfit for Men

Image: Short Kurtas (The G Street Kurta Collection)

A man in kurta bears an ethical value that no other outfit can create. And this year’s summer is all about doing away with all those heavy fabrics by turning to light weight fabrics.

Image: Orange Short Kurta with Horizontal Lines (The G Street Kurta Collection)

Short kurtas are the sort of summer casual outfits which boosts a man’s suave personalities.  A lot of guys have this misconception that men do not have much option of clothing choices. This is so not true!

Image: Violet Short Kurta (The G Street Kurta Collection)

You can create tons of fresh looks with kurtas itself if you know how to pair up those summer outfits in the right proportion.

Image: Orange Short Kurta (The G Street Kurta Collection)

Kurtas are fresh and light, making it highly favorable during the hotter days. Just because you are wearing a kurta doesn’t mean that your whole outfit needs to be ethnically inclined. Modern fashion designers have gone lengths to make this indo-western wear match the taste of modern society.

When you buy kurtas, just be sure that they are not oversized, or else you might end up looking like a kid dressed in his dad’s clothes. The better it fits, the more refined you will look.

Create a comfort laden outfit this hot summer by opting for kurtas made of cotton and linen.


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