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All the Rave on Bold Colors and Printed Shirts for Men

Image: The G Street Men's Casual Shirts Collection

"The best shirts are the ones that are versatile, comfortable and the ones that perfectly fit your body”. Although design of the shirt is fairly definable in choices, it doesn't necessarily have to determine how good it can make you feel.

Image: Solid Casual Shirts (The G Street Shirt Collection)

Your body needs to be able to breathe through the fabric; this is more conspicuous when you wear the shirt for longer hours. In the previous blogs I have discussed how fit of the shirt is very crucial. This is something worth discussing often, as the fit will determine either in making or breaking your look.

Image: White Shirt with Green Checks (The G Street Shirt Collection)

When you look at the casual shirt for men, you might want to browse for shirts that define individuality on its own.

Check shirts for men on the other hand are bold patterns that expel a very masculine vibe. Checks are stylish and the 2015 Spring/Summer fashion for men is going big on it. There is nothing much of stylization that goes into check shirts because the shirt in itself creates a refined yet crude look.

Image: The G Street Printed Shirts Collection

As the temperature rises, the color options in your wardrobe should rise too. Why do u find the necessity to do something that’s already been tried? Add a kick to your summer wardrobe by spilling a dash of bold patterns with a little sprinkle of fresh colors.



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