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Go Nostalgic in Blue

When I think of the color blue, my first reaction is that it is a safe colour. But then it is also the most preferred color in the world.

Image: The G Street Blue Shirts Collection

The minute I see a man wearing anything blue then I have this instant assumption that he would be sincere, masculine and confident. Well maybe it is the color or the person himself that draws this sort of perspective in my mind. Whatever the reason or conclusion will lead to is secondary because the color blue is a great choice for summers. They are fresh and exhibit a sense of security and high-spirited confidence.

Image: The G Street Blue Pathani Kurta Collection

Quite frankly speaking, the color blue provokes the sincere part of a man. So what could be better than appearing seemingly kind and sincere in front of the ladies? Guess that’s one thing to reckon.

Image: The G Street Blue Pathani Kurta Collection

This summer take a U-turn; tone down your stress and clean up your aura by taking the BLUE-ROUTE.  Add a sense of calmness and order in your summer collection with men’s shirts, t shirt and much more... Shape up your wardrobe with multiple shades of awesome blue and let the sky (blue) be the limit of how enchanting summers can be.


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