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The G Street Introduces Budget Friendly Military Caps


I am pretty certain when we were kids we have all played armies. Dressing up in what could be the closest to military uniforms is all too memorable to forget.

Through the years we have seen how this military style is still evident in the fashion world. Military inspired collections take its measures every season some way or the other. Yea, it is sad to know that some places have ruled out restrictions on wearing camouflage as fashion. Well, as for the rest of us we still have the right to rock military style.

Image: A basic pair-up example (source: The G Street)

Honestly speaking over-doing this style is a complete “NO”. One way you can roll your military theme is by wearing a camouflage cap with basic tees (white, grey or black). This will tone down the color variables of the hat; making your look more polished rather than giving a ‘ready-for-combat’ look. Stick to your casual essentials to avoid committing fashion crimes.

 Although solids are the safest options while pairing your camouflage caps, you should also try neutral print shirts. There is no harm with the idea of pairing it with prints that belong to the same shade; this will add up some cool and collective print execution.


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