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Meant for Walking

We have all been through this thought before… How many shoes should a man really own? I mean, there cannot be a definite quantity but you do need a variety to fit the clothes in your wardrobe. You don’t have to own 10 shoes to get through a wardrobe famine. A fair collection of pairs to complete your office to weekend outings will deliver your fashion answers.

Women care about shoes a lot and I think even you regular guys should start looking deeper into acquiring a good collection. If not for reasons related to fashion, the least of reason can be put on the thought that footwear represents the very fundament that helps us walk in comfort.

The Oxford

Image: Black Oxford Shoe (The G Street Shoe Collection)

The supreme must have in every man’s wardrobe. Oxfords have been holding the highest preference in the men’s formal wear since time. Whether it’s for work or a peaceful night out with the lady, a black or brown classic oxford always fits the measure. You can never go wrong with your look in this men’s wear classic.


Image: Brown Oxford Shoe (The G Street Shoe Collection)

As from a visual point of view, your shoes receive a lot of attentions, perhaps a little more than it should. Irrespective of it all, a poor choice of shoes will only bring forth discomfort throughout the day so it’s always recommended to try on different pairs before you purchase.



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