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The Khaki Kurta and the Modern Men

Image: The G Street Kurta Collection

Kurtas make you look trimmed and proper even when you are not feeling your fittest self. Gone are the years when kurtas were loose fitted long apparels. The styles you see today are refined and structured as per the taste of the modern fashion savvy men.

Smart constructed kurtas comes in a lot of variations, making this particular Indian traditional clothing fit into the mainstream fashion arena.

They may in fact be the only ethnic wear that blends effortlessly with jeans and any western trousers, which ultimately makes kurta a favored clothing for many men.

The ongoing season can get unbearable on most days, which is all the more reason to opt for this comfort laden outfit. The light-weight cotton fabric utilized in making kurtas will make your summer days much merciful.

Image: White Pathani Kurta


Image: Dark Magenta Pathani Kurta

Image: Cadet Green Pathani Kurta

The khaki Pathani kurta is also a good choice for men who love looking masculine. Its rugged structure and manly design will emphasize your “I don’t take rubbish” personality.

The most delightful feature of a kurta is that, irrespective of your age group or your body size, it still looks pleasing on anyone. On days when you are unsure of what to wear, just pull out your delightful kurta and a pair of slim denims and you are good to go.



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