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The G Street’s First Media Coverage

So much has been said and done over these past months and we have been toiling day in and out to make shopping an experience for all. The G Street is proud to proclaim that we have entered a bench mark where we are gaining recognition from the media and our loyal shoppers.

In an industry where failure is prone, our management never failed to mud its reputation as a shopping site that offers the best in quality and price. And we are humbled to be featured in the July issue of The Statesman (July 12th 2015, Evolve: Page 10). This coverage has proved to us that all the hard work and sleepless night invested by The G Street team has enlisted us in the favor of many shoppers.

Image: The G Street featured in the 12th July issue of The Statesman  

Image: The process that converts yards of fabrics into crafted men's clothing

Image: Products out for shipment

From the day our brand launched to this day we have had one goal that is, to offer quality products at the best prices. Visit our site and shop the latest in fashion for men and we assure to run selections of only the best.

Stay tuned for our latest collection!


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