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Sandals for the Style Conscious Men

There has always been an unsolved debate on whether wearing sandals in the workplaces are appropriate or not. We can argue as much as we want over it but the fact of the matter is that, comfort stampedes attractiveness.

The hotter months in Delhi and the major parts of India in itself should speak the one reason why wearing sandals is perfectly fine as long as your outfit is at par.

Image: Pair sandals with printed shirts to create a smart, laid back look 


Image: Bright colored shorts under short kurtas are perfect with sandals


 Image: Reinvent the Geek look


Some simple notes that are easy to follow:


Wearing sandals can be dated back to years down in history, when they were the first footwear to be worn and they were worn in various forms. This also gives reason enough for us to reconsider before shunning it as ‘the footwear only apt for leisure’.

Leaving everything aside, sandals for men are a must-have for your All-Season wardrobe. They are convenient to wear and very appropriate for anywhere if you know how to dress well.


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