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Gifting your Woman

Gifting woman can be very challenging for a man as you can never guess what goes on in that multi-tasking mind of ours. Men often presume that gifting a purposeful, functional thing is what women want. This definitively is that last thing we want. Women want aesthetic gifts that should be functional and all the more important, “pretty” to look at.

Image: The G Street Gift Her Collection

Lucky for all you confused guys; The G Street has that covered. We have added a brand new menu just to lighten up your burden so that you will no longer dread about what to gift your woman.

Check out our inventory of stylish and classy handbags; price starting from Rs. 499. No woman in her right senses would complain over a man gifting her pretty handbags. We carry our lives in our handbags so presenting something that will add varieties to our wardrobe is more than appreciated.

The women in your lives are special ladies who deserve to be reminded how special they are every once a while. Nothing would make your woman happier than surprising her with something on any random day when she least expects.


  • Aben

    Very fascinating blog.
    Looking forward to more of it :)

  • Apen

    I love reading your blogs sis… Keep it up.

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