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Remarking the Development of Loafers for Men

Image: The different looks achievable with Loafers

They slip in with ease and are fairly comfortable to wear, especially on days when humidity in the air starts soaring up. Loafers have been a classic casual footwear for men since the beginning of men’s fashion.


Image: Try a smart casual look with black loafers

Loafers are basically casual shoes, that is why many men consider of limiting its usage to leisure outfits; however the variant designs in the market have made this footwear quite a descent choice to be combined with formals as well.

Image: Brown leather loafer

Here’s an example of how you can achieve a formal look: Suit up in a finely fitted navy blue suit, a white collared shirt underneath, paired with brown leather loafers, there… You have the perfect formal outfit to go.

Don’t be confused about a loafer and a moccasin; you can easily spot the difference in the presence and absence of a lace-up. Loafers are the ones without laces.

Loafers are noticeably embarking the realms of high fashion. From the stylish streets of New York to the trend setting ramps of fashion weeks, they are becoming a phenomenon in the wardrobe of every fashionable man.


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