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The Must-Own Shoes for Men

Guess you can never tell how many pairs of shoe a woman should own, however the case is simpler if you are a men. The only thing you should be aware is that your wardrobe should house the best type of footwear that will make the rounds for every occasion.
The Loafer

There are a dozen of loafer designs that you can choose from, but always be mindful that the color and style of your loafer should blend well effortlessly with what you have in the wardrobe.

The penny loafer is the ideal men’s casual shoes, featured with designs that make a perfect loafer to add to your footwear section.

A Suede Boot

Suede boots look incredibly good when you wear them with a pair of slim cut denim trousers. They are the kind of shoes that you should wear with casual outfits that are very well fitted.

The Oxford

You can probably remember your dad wearing them to work; the reason for this can easily be explained upon the fact that the oxford shoe is a classic. They easily adjust to your formals and suits and this is a style that will never make your look seem misplaced or shabby.


Now this is a shoe that has been designed in such a way that its style falls in between casual and formal wear. The fact that brogues can’t be categorized specifically allows you to be able to wear it with both your formal trousers and jeans.

Now, having listed the pairs that every man must own, you should have an idea of what type of shoe works with what and when.   



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