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Buying Checked Shirts: Important Components to Consider

Checked shirts never quite go out of fashion. While the market gives you a lot of options in styles and designs and the choices in turn can baffle you on which to select. However, you just need to follow some simple rules while buying them so that you can wear the shirt and feel stylish even when the season repeats the coming year.

Here are a few things that will help you determine what sort of checked shirt to opt for when you are out shopping.

The Fabric of the Shirt

It is very important to consider the thickness or lightness of the shirt material depending on the climatic conditions. It would be useless to buy one that has been constructed of heavier materials when your purpose of wearing them should be useful in summers.

The Color Factor

Checked shirts come in a variety of color palates. The presence of two or more colored boxes usually indicates a more casual shirt. When you select your colors choose according to the season and the purpose of usage. Bold colors make great casual collections while darker shades can be added to your semi formals as well.

The Styling Details

The pockets and trimmings on the shirt make a big difference on where you can consider wearing the shirt. The more the detailing, the more casual your shirt looks, so dress according to the event’s requirement.

Patterns and textures can go wrong in a lot of ways if you play it too much, but choosing wisely will only make the patterns compliment your look.  



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