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Buying the Right Kind of Handbag for your Woman

For a man it isn’t easy to know exactly what to look for when you want to buy a gift for your woman. The G Street is obviously a men’s fashion shopping portal but we are a host to your needs as well and we want to serve you in every thinkable ways. We certainly hope in making shopping experience a treat rather than a drag.

The array of designs and styles will definitely work as an easy service in many ways. The abundance in choices however can prove to be intimidating. This is why I am here to give a few pointers on how you can choose the perfect handbag for ‘her’.

How to choose

When you are shopping don’t simply go for what is pretty. Imagine your woman holding the handbag and find out if it compliments her style.

  • Look for versatility – the handbag should be able to be paired effortlessly with the rest of her wardrobe. Simmer down on opting for loud prints that might take effort to blend with most outfits.
  • If your woman is all about curves and on the voluptuous side then choose handbags that have structured angles.

  • The handbag should be aesthetic in all ways. Pretty doesn’t mean she will like it; the bag must be functional as well. It should be able to contain her cell phone, make ups etc.

As a woman I like being prepared and my preparation ends well only when I have my handbag set and ready to go. Our handbags are not just a fashion accessory to us; they serve a much bigger purpose than that as we tend to carry our life in one handbag.



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